"“Juke Prompt” by Evil Genius is not melancholic. It is not even noticeably dark. And every time I listen to it, I revel in it a little more. It is a coalescence of impulse and inspiration, leashed to a hyper-driven will that demands significance."

- Jairo, Mouser

"Evil Genius is comprised of three virtuosic beasts on instruments that you would never suspect would form a happy marriage. As you explore their debut recording you quickly discover that guitar, tuba, and drums can move far afield from oompah music. This band can do it all …. whether its in your face rock, free wheeling open improvisation, 20th century classical music, or jazz ….. they can pull it off and upend all of your expectations."

- Larry Koonse, Guitarist and CalArts Jazz Faculty

"Kutner, Kac and Lockwood prove themselves a force to be reckoned with and have already staked claims as one of the most noteworthy new groups in weird-rock and non-jazz improvisation."

- Connor Lockie, SLUG MAGAZINE (Salt Lake City)

"Sure, it would be possible for three sharp-minded musicians to make complex music of an academic, beard-stroking nature, but Evil Genius take things further with their sheer melodic invention."

- John Cavanagh, Radio DJ for Radio Six International, BBC Scotland

"The complexity of Evil Genius often proves to lie only in the unique mixture of musical tools and devices, and the seeming inaccessibility dissipates after listening to the record only a few times. Evil Genius do introduce us to some kind of a specific musical language, but in it, there is, nevertheless, still much room for dancing, melancholy wandering, phrasing and harmonies, even if unexpected ones. In fact, within this kind of language, things are also really simple." (Translated from SLOVENE)

- Aleš Rojs, Radio Student (Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)

"I would swear Evil Genius is at least a sextet, their sound is so impressively large."

- Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Collective (Los Angeles, CA)

"Even with just these three instruments, this trio sounds fully formed, tight, intense and explosive at times. There is a manic, infectious energy here that reminds me of the Minutemen on occasion."

- Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery (New York, NY)

"In line with the Orenda Records ethos of immersive experiential music and presentation, Evil Genius’s Bitter Human is a brilliant debut by one of America’s most distinctive trios."

- Daniel Rosenboom, Founder of Orenda Records

"The guitar, tuba and drumkit trio is pretty rare...on their debut record, guitarist Max Kutner, tubist Stefan Kac and drummer Mike Lockwood make the most of their unusual instrumentation and craft an album of challenging and thoroughly enjoyable modern jazz."

- Dave Trenkel, New and Improv Music/Dave on Records

"The CD is amazing it completely blew the lids off of my speakers. This is truly a wonderful power trio. There is not one aspect of this project that I did not totally enjoy."

- Joseph Daley, Tubist (Carla Bley, Charlie Haden, Gil Evans, Sam Rivers, Taj Mahal)

"The creative proposal of Evil Genius brings together diverse musical influences - and some others as well - through an original aesthetic in which an irreverent and unprejudiced temperament coexists; melodies of cinematic character, a wide range of rhythmic attributes, a spontaneous stylistic variety and also an innocuous touch of black humor." (Translated from SPANISH)

- Sergio Piccirilli, El Intruso

"Great tunes, beautiful playing, fantastic group interplay, and gorgeous production/sound!"

- David Ake, Author of Jazz Cultures and Professor at University of Miami